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小叮当永无兽传奇百度云链接,复制粘贴链接到浏览器或别处打开 http://pan.baidu.com/wap/album/file?uk=3523482677&album_id=4439532218754949398&fsid=32982873065379

1000 years---Bleu/KT Tunstall 中间插曲: The 1000 Year Comet Float A Strange Cry Fawn Discovers Gruff Observing Odd Behavior Becoming Friends Strange Sight Naming Gruff The Scouts Hunt For Gruff Meeting The Fairies Going To See...

Strange Sight

去网易云音乐,打“TinkerBell legend of the neverbeast”然后就会有很完备的整部电影出现的插曲。酷狗搜的话,不太全。

你好! 小叮当:永无兽传奇: http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=275025529&uk=2688274317&fid=97106280526193 望采纳!

I've must have been blind Not to see you look away from me Whenever you say You love me still I must have been crazy Not to see you slip away from me Day after day there's a space to fill and I can't find the words to make you ...


I Put A Spell On You - Annie Lennox I put a spell on you 'Cause you're mine You better stop the things you do I tell you I ain't lyin' I ain't lyin' You know I can't stand it You're runnin' around You know better daddy I can't ...



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